Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Charlie's Buddy S3E12

Buddy, an old army buddy of Rose's late husband comes to visit, but he’s not quite who he seems to be. Meanwhile, Dorothy tries to find a dress for a museum fundraiser.

80s Flashback
Dorothy: “Ma, Rose and Buddy are just friends.”
Sophia: “Sure and Michael Jackson was born with that cleft in his chin.”

Let’s Get Political
Blanche: “Dorothy, you found a dress for the banquet. Oh do you just adore it. Does it stir emotions from deep within you? Could you just throw yourself down a die for it??”
Dorothy: “It’s a dress Blanche, it’s not the Alamo.”

Musical Moments
Dorothy: “Ma, I need to talk to someone.”
Sophia, listening to the radio: “Sure, come in, I can listen to Pavarotti live from the Met anytime.”

That’s What She Said
Sophia, about Rose: “If you can find her. Ever since that guy hit town she spends most of her time out polishing his shillelagh.”

Lewd Ladies
Blanche: “Being with a man is not the same thing as living with a man.”
Dorothy: “You’re right Blanche, living with a man eliminates the need for an overnight bag and a stop at the drug store.”

Zbornak Zingers
Blanche: “This dress looks sensational on me; people expect to see me in a sensational dress!”Dorothy: “And what do they expect to see me in, a yarmulke and a Hefty Bag?”
Back in St. OlafBuddy: “In fact, and I remember there was some kind of a scandal. Uh, with a neighbor, I think.”Rose: “Phineas Wigler? I can't believe you remember that….The Wiglers were a very revered family.”Buddy: “Yeah, until the scandal.”Rose: “Oh, it was just terrible. The Navy came to town to take bids for a big submarine contract. They said they wanted three submarines built for around a million dollars. Well, Finneas said he could make 100 for half the money. So, of course, he got the contract. When the Navy came to check on the progress, six months later, they discovered there'd been a terrible misunderstanding. Finneas had made 100 hoagie heroes for $500,000. He claimed the reason they were so expensive was he had used all imported meats and cheeses.”
Picture It
Sophia: “Dorothy, let me tell you a story. Picture it. Sicily, 1922. A young military officer stationed far from home. He wanders the streets seeking a friendly face and a glass of Chianti. Finally, he happens into a dusty little cafe where he finds both. The man laughs for the first time in months. And finds inspiration in a beautiful peasant girl, wise beyond her years. When the cafe is closed, she takes him home with her.
Three glorious days, they make love and drink wine. He returns to his command prepared to lead his people through whatever battles need to be fought. Dorothy, that young peasant girl was me. And that young man was Winston Churchill.”
Dorothy: “Ma, you made that whole thing up, now what is your point?”
Sophia: “That I made it up. It was a little lie that gave me a lot of pleasure. If Rose is happy, and there was no harm done, let her have that.”

Insult Watch
Sophia, admiring Dorothy’s new dress: “Pussycat, you look sensational... who’s the designer? He deserves a Nobel Prize for miracles.”

Product Placement
Dorothy: “Why don't you think about it while you're inhaling your next cheesecake.”
Blanche: “How dare she imply that I overeat. Makes me so mad! Oh, darn, we're out of Chips Ahoy!”

Sassy Sophia
Buddy: “Rose Nylund?”
Sophia: “No. And if I start acting like her, pull the plug!”

Crazy Continuity
Rose says that you can’t get to St. Gustave by plane; you have to go by toboggan. But in the episode when Rose wins St. Olaf Woman of the Year, Rose says the only way to get to St. Olaf is to fly to St. Gustave and then take land transportation to St. Olaf.

Literary Intelligentsia
Blanche: “This is morally wrong. It is epically offensive. It's an out and out sin.”
Dorothy: “Why do I feel like I just fell through the looking glass?”

Dorothy Zbornak is My Spirit Animal
Blanche: “Dorothy, this is crazy. Since when do you care how you look?” 
Dorothy: “I think it started when I came down from the bell tower and had my hump fixed.”

The Boob Tube
Sophia: “Two World Wars, a Polish pope and now this. I may live to see CBS come up with a morning show yet.”

Reel References
Blanche: “I am wearing this dress. Dorothy! It deserves to be displayed on a devastatingly beautiful body.”
Dorothy: “Who are you gonna send it to, Kim Basinger?”

Golden Quotes
Dorothy: “If I had lived with Stan before I got married, I could have spared us both some very painful times and a bitter divorce.”
Sophia: “And possibly given birth to reasonably attractive children.”

Critique: Another episode another fundraiser banquet. No wonder Rose eventually had charity work burnout. This is one of those episodes where a situation arises in which one of the girls may move out. Rose falls for her late husband’s old pal and his eyebrows, and after a short time decides to move in with him, but it turns out that he’s just a con man looking to grab her dough. Some funny bits arise with Dorothy’s insignificant “search for the perfect dress” storyline (“Hey, don't panic. Get one for Rose and you can go as The Pointer Sisters!”). There are some good lines to be had, mostly at Dorothy's expense, and yet another reference to her being compared to Quasimodo. And let's be honest, Dorothy looks ten times better in that peach colored dress than Blanche does. And as a final note, I really want to here the story of Uncle Fingerbinger and this thirty pound rutabaga. Overall it’s a solid if not particularly outstanding or memorable episode; it earns extra points for the fast and furious dress-related insults. GRADE: B


  1. I never understood Blanche's line about going to the store for cookies and bean dip. Yuuuck!

    1. I don't think Blanche meant she would eat them together. It's just part of the series' shtick about Blanche being a problem eater (yet somehow keeps the weight off).

  2. I desperately want to find a dress like the gorgeous peach ones in this episode ��

  3. Even though it all worked out and Buddy decided he couldn't go through with it (I actually get it, it never felt forced to me - you just can't do that to Rose, once you get to know her, and Buddy seems like it would only work with someone who doesn't take the time to appreciate everything in life - does that make sense?) - anyway, file this under "plots that no longer work once cell phones become a thing."