Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Joust Between Friends (S2E9)

Synopsis: Blanche gets Dorothy a job working with her at the museum and then quickly becomes jealous when Dorothy is assigned an important task; Rose brings home a lost dog from the supermarket.

Let’s Get Political
Blanche: “Why should he give it to you and not to me? I'm the one who's been working there for five years. I'm the one who's been wearing low-cut blouses and picking up pencils off the floor. I'm the one he always gropes at the annual Christmas party!”
Dorothy: “And they picked Sandra Day O'Connor over you?”

That’s What She Said
Blanche: “Well, I'm not taking this sitting down, Dorothy.”

Animal Alert
Dorothy: “Oh my god, I just spilled my guts to someone who drinks out of a toilet.”
The dog Rose brings home from the market is one of several dogs that will make their way to 6151 Richmond St.

Shady Pines, Ma
Rose: “Bye, Auntie Blanche. Bye, Auntie Sophia.”
Sophia: “I don't know how she gets away with it. If she was my age she'd be locked up at Shady Pines making boats out of Popsicle sticks.”

Lewd Ladies
Rose, in the dog's voice: “Don't explain Rose, I used to live with a couple of bitches myself!”

Zbornak Zingers
Dorothy, after hearing the dog bark: “What was that?”
Blanche: “Rose brought a dog home from the supermarket.”
Dorothy: “Couldn't she just get stew meat like she usually does?”

Blanche: “I knew you'd been hiding something. You no-good, back-stabbing Jezebel. I demand you show me that paper!!”
Dorothy: “I'm sorry, flattery won't work.”

Insult Watch
Blanche: “Well please, don't let little ol' ineffectual, insignificant me get between you and your work.”
Dorothy: “Thank you.”
Blanche: “After all, I wouldn't wanna come between your lips and Mr Allen's behind.”

Product Placement
Dorothy, in bed thinking the dog is Sophia: “Ma, give me a break the Di-Gel's on the bottom shelf.”

Sassy Sophia
Mr. Allen: “Sorry you didn't have an opportunity to experience our museum. I'd love for you to see my most prized acquisition. A magnificent pair of Gauguins.”
Sophia: “What are you, a pervert? I was married for 45 years. I never even saw my husband's Gauguins!”

Best of B.E.D.
Blanche: “I wasn't gonna say anything about this Dorothy, but I won't be able to sleep until I do. I feel that you have backed me into a corner. And when I am backed into a corner, I come out fighting like a wild cat. Unless I've had too much to drink, in which case I slide down the wall and make mad, passionate love on the carpet.”

Golden Quotes
Dorothy: “I've had it, I’ve just had it. In the past few days I've been turned down for every available part-time job in Dade County that didn't involve selling cocaine.”

and of course:

Dorothy: “Hi, Blanche.”
Blanche: “Eat dirt and die, trash.”

Critique: I tend to find Rue and Bea's work particularly strong when they're working off each other. Blanche is always great when she's jealous and it's really cranked up to an eleven here. There are some GG fans who aren't always on board when the girls are at each other's throats but I love it. That's probably why the writers chose a cutesy, throwaway B story involving a stray dog to lighten the mood. Betty was and continues to be an animal advocate (as were the other ladies) and it's no surprise that by the end of the episode the set is crawling with cute dogs. The episode is solid if not overwhelmingly outstanding; it has some great trademark lines (“Eat dirt and die, trash” is definitely a fan favorite) and some fun moments involving the dog but otherwise there's nothing particularly outstanding. GRADE: B

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