Monday, April 3, 2017

Vacation (S2E8)

Synopsis: Rose, Blanche, and Dorothy take a hellish vacation in the Caribbean; Sophia woos her Japanese landscaper.

Crazy Continuity
Does Rick look familiar? Actor Tom Villard will show up again as one of Dorothy's former students in “Rose: Portrait of a Woman.”

Musical Moments
Rose: “Oh, I'm just so full of love, I have to let it out:
I'd like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony/I'd like to hold it in our arms and keep it company”

Let’s Get Political
Rose: “Who needs air conditioning? We have a fresh ocean breeze and a breathtaking view.”
Blanche: “We have no view.”
Ramone: “When the revolution comes, and the heads of the Imperialist swine are impaled on sticks stuck in the sand for people to spit on, you'll be glad you don't got a view.”

That’s What She Said
Sophia, to Mr. Mitsumo: “Driving your Lawn-Boy was so exciting.”

Zbornak Zingers
Rick: “You think we're happy having to gargle next to Grandma Moses and the Mosettes?”
Rose: “You! You! You, rude person!”
Dorothy: “Go easy on him, Rose.”

Oh Shut Up Rose!
Dorothy: “You are overly critical. You know, I think that's the thing I like least about you.”
Blanche: “Oh! You know the thing I like least about you? You are loud and overbearing.”
Rose: “Well you know what I like least about both of you? You're always tell me what to do.”
Dorothy & Blanche: “Oh shut up Rose!”

Blanche: “Ladies, listen, as long as we're not going to die after all, I suggest everything we said tonight won't go further than the three of us.”
Rose: “Well back in the scouts we used to make it official by pricking our fingers with a penknife and taking a blood oath. What do you say, girls?” 
Dorothy & Blanche: “Oh shut up, Rose.”

Insult Watch
Blanche: “Rose, why don't you whip us up a nice batch of fresh water you know how to make from sea water?”
Rose: “Uh, about the sea water... I know how to do it. There's just one little problem. I need a ten-gallon copper pot, seven feet of aluminum tubing, and a big roll of cheesecloth.”
Blanche: “Why didn't you mention this while you were bossing everyone around, Miss Pioneer Dope?”

Product Placement
Rose: “The meal was disgusting. What do you girls want to do now?”
Dorothy: “Let's draw cards for the rest of the Pepto-Bismol.”

Golden Quotes
Rose: “ALL RIGHT EVERYBODY, NOW SHUT THE HELL UP! I'm in charge here. From now on, everyone listens to me. I happened to be the most decorated pioneer scout in the history of northern Minnesota. I can build a 100-foot rope bridge, start a fire with rocks, distil sea water into drinking water. Now if you wanna get out of this alive, I suggest you listen to me. Do I hear any objections? I didn't think so! Dorothy, Blanche start breaking up the boat. We need wood for a fire. And, you three, head up North up that ridge. Based on those rock formations, there's a good chance of finding a waterfall. If you don't find anything in an hour, head back for the coastline, follow it around, and look for our fire. Now, move. I SAID MOVE!!”
Blanche: “Dorothy, should we be listening to Rose??”
Dorothy: “Quiet. I don't think we're allowed to talk while we work.”

Critique: I've always wondered what it would of cost the production to have real sand in the ending scene. I mean it's the most fake looking beach I've ever seen in my life. But I digress. “Vacation” used to be one of my favorite episodes because I tend to like the ones that took the characters out of their regular setting. And I always got so much pleasure in watching everything go horribly wrong (Which is one of several reasons why I love “Grab That Dough” so much). But watching it again for the 147th time reminds me that it isn't as strong an episode as I remember it being. The dialogue is funny and there are certainty great moments but the writing isn't as crisp as it has been all season. The show is coming off some of the best episodes of the series and this one feels weak in comparison. The highlight is definitely the “shipwrecked” scene in which the girls have their “cheesecake scene” (sans cheesecake) around a campfire instead of the kitchen table. I love it when the girls are insulting each other and especially when “Mean Rose” shows up. Listening to Rose boss everyone around is one of my favorite Rose moments ever. This episode is very good but it's not quite as good as the others this season (why Sophia and Mr. Mitsumo never became a thing is beyond me). Side note: I'm adding a new quote category named after my blog: “Oh Shut Up Rose,” no explanation necessary.  GRADE: B

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