Monday, September 14, 2015

Miami is Nice...

Hi there! (Sophia's first line, btw) Today, Sept 14th 2015, marks the 30th anniversary of the broadcast of The Golden Girls pilot episode. Thirty years. And the show hasn't aged a bit, though it's only about 12 years old in Blanche years. In honor of this Emmy-award winning pop culture phenomenon's thirty years on the air, I've decided to provide a delightful episode guide for every. single. episode. Of course patience is a virtue. This will sort of be an "episode a day" type of thing, give or take a day or week. So sit back, relax, grab some cheesecake or perhaps even a stack of johnny cakes as high as an elephant's knees... like a riverboat floating down the Mississippi delta, finish the damn blog, Chris!

Picture it...

Every post will follow this format:

80s Flashback
Crazy Continuity
Musical Moments
Let’s Get Political
St. Olaf Vocab
That’s What She Said
Animal Alert
Shady Pines, Ma
Lewd Ladies
Picture It
Zbornak Zingers
Insult Watch
Tales from the Old South
Product Placement
Sassy Sophia
Back in St. Olaf
Reel References
Best of B.E.D.
Golden Quotes
Critique & Grade

Each season will be covered in full episode order.

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  1. I didn't realize you started this on the 30th anniversary! This site is pretty much my go-to when I want to confirm exact wording of Golden Girls quotes and instances. And I'll never get tired of you photoshopping your face into every scene. Mazel tov!

    - Sarah

    1. Thanks Sarah! It is for me as well since that script site got taken down ha! Stay Golden.