Tuesday, March 7, 2017

In a Bed of Rose's (S1E15)

Synopsis: Rose is distraught after Al, a man she's been dating for a month, dies unexpectedly in her bed.

80s Flashback
Blanche: “How about having to tell a pregnant woman that her husband's been cheating on her with her own sister and you're the sister and you're pregnant too, by her husband.”
Dorothy: “You didn't!”
Blanche: “Not me, last night on Dallas. Or Dynasty. or Falcon's Landing or one of those. They're all the same.”

Crazy Continuity
Blanche says she'd never sleep with her brother-in-law, implying that he's not attractive. But later we see that her brother-in-law literally looks just like her husband George and Blanche is attracted to him.

Zbornak Zingers
Blanche: “I knew somebody who had seven husbands and six of them died of stomach ailments. Well, they arrested her. She'd been putting ground glass in their salads.
Rose: “Why?”
Dorothy: “Because she ran out of croutons!”

Insult Watch
Blanche, referring to Rose's dress: “It's sort of old-fashioned looking. I wasn't sure it was new.”
Rose: “Oh, that's the style. The girl told me.
Blanche: “What was she, a pilgrim?”

Product Placement
Blanches says that the officer who informed her that her husband had been in a fatal car accident was eating Doritos.

Sassy Sophia
Sophia: “Come on, Rose. You'll sit and watch my dentures eat corn on the cob. It's a lot of laughs.”

Back in St. Olaf
Rose: “We had a neighbor in Minnesota who killed her husband. She backed over him with a combine and she didn't even know she had done it until she found little bits of plaid in the corn. She said, 'Funny, that looks like bits of Joe's plaid shirt' and 'that looks like bits of Joe's overalls' and 'that looks like bits of Joe's arms...'” We later learn this woman's name was Inga Lundqvist.

Golden Quotes
Rose: “Come on, he's sleeping. I don't want to wake him.”
Sophia: “You could light firecrackers in his nostrils, you won't wake him.”

Critique: So much for Rose being a prude huh? This is a decent return to form after the lackluster previous episode where Dorothy is amazed that she made love during the day. This time it's Rose who hits the sheets with a man she's been seeing for a month, sleeps with him, and then he dies in her bed. This is a fun callback to how Rose's husband Charlie died. Writer Susan Harris is obviously having fun with the premise and it's definitely one of the more darkly comedic episodes of the series. This one doesn't quite have the same strong, sparkling dialogue as some of the best episodes, but it's certainly continues the strong effort that will be the rest of season one. GRADE: B


  1. Not to nitpick, but given the context, Blanche in her brother-in-law stories could certainly be talking about Virginia or Charmaine's husbands, assumjng they exist although never seen or otherwise heard about. We know she's definitely not talking about future newest brother in law Doug! haha

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